Sales Report

I want a report that shows totals sales per month, but I can’t figure out how to make this happen. A table would look something like this:

Month/Year Sales

01/11 $5,000

12/10 $6,500

11/10 $5,500

10/10 $5,000

09/10 $4,500

08/10 $4,000

07/10 $4,500

Is this possible?

Good luck. Every report I’ve looked at is so buggy that I have no confidence in the data. I wish I had the sales numbers it reports!

I have resellers that order through the site, and instead of us invoicing them through our accounting software we just run the sales report each month and do 1 full invoice for all the sales to them that month instead of hundreds of small ones.

When I try to run the sales report it never throws up the same stats twice. I have gave up using the sales reports and just search all orders by customer name and add them all up manually.

Dont trust it