Sales Report Table - Product Name Too Short To Identify Product

With the sales report having a table view of products, it only shows the first 20 or so characters of the product. Many of our products start the same and therefore it is impossible to see which product is which.

Is there a way to either extend how many characters are shown or, preferably, to replace the product name with the product code?

With the sales reports - table view of products it only shows the first 29 characters of the product name - Does anyone have any tips on where to find how many characters are displayed (or preferably change this to show the product code instead of the name). I have multiple products which look the same as the start of the name is the same.

If you have shell access, type this command at site root

find * -name "*.tpl" -exec grep -l "truncate" {} \;

It will list all tpl files that contain the statement “truncate”, alternatively you could try “truncate:30” since CS-Cart normally use increments of 10 to truncate with.




Did you ever figure this out? I can't seem to find where this is being truncated at. I was able to extend the width of the table to fit in my product names, but now I just need to be able to see the rest of my product names.



@brandonvd - I never did figure this out. Although the suggestion to find the “truncate” was a good idea, for some reason it did not reveal anything that appeared relevant to the reports - I have resorted to exporting all the products and product codes, using excel to combine them together (with the code at the start) and then importing, running the report and then importing the original again to put the products back to as they were. Certainly not a satisfactory way of doing it. Does anyone have any further ideas on how to change the product name into a product code or extend the number of characters in the product name on reports? When you have products which all start with the same text you cannot identify which product is which.