Sales Report Issue

Hello. Using 2.2.4 still…

When I run a sales report that uses graphics like “Top Ten Products” I get the message “You need to upgrade your Flash Player”

I think at some point I may have changed something that was mentioned in the forums about sales reports, but it broke this for me. I searched over and over but I can't find any threads mentioning this. Any ideas as to how I can get this working again or revert back…I have no idea what files or where to replace.


This is probably coming from the browser versus cs-cart software. Flash is basically obsolete and not being updated. Some browsers support it and others flag it as unsafe.

Try using a different browser for your backend access. I.e. chrome verus firefox.

This is a small message coming from cs-cart positioned right below the report tabs. It's the same in any browser. Do you know where in the folders the reports are coming from? Perhaps I can find the updated files and revert them to original files. I think this started with a file change or “update” suggested by someone here in the forums.


Look for the language variable upgrade_flash_player

It is javascript that is working with the browser to see whether flash is current/available. So it is indeed the browser that it determining whether the flash plugin is valid or not.