Sales-notification on your cellphone (sms)?

Would be a cool feature:

receive an sms on your cellphone at every sale (along with amount, or only when amount>$xx etc etc you like)

(or anything you want that happens on your site)…

If no one has plans for making this, or the cs-makers, i’ll dive into this in the future, sure!

nice touch: add a new ringtone on your cell: when it receives sales-sms from webshop: ka-ching sound…


Dunno about the costs yet…i’ll see. its gonna be a nice mod or nothing i guess.

Would you guys mind if this gonna cost a bit,

since i do have to make expenses for this one etc…?

(presuming a nifty one with admin-settings, easy config etc), so i can take this into consideration?


I wouldnt have though this mod would be too difficult

However, for a busy store it could end up being a costly outgoing at an average of say 6p per sms text message.

I currently use SMS to send my customers radio codes from my website

immediatly after payment using nochex / paypal notification systems and a simple php mail script.

The SMS gateway I use is triggered by emailing the information to for example +4407123456780 @

Im not saying its a bad idea, but is it a feasable one ?

I know SMS is popular with younger people, but email isn’t dead yet. I can see using SMS and IM if you don’t use email much. In the case of being notified if you receive an order, well, you must have a slow store. I think you could have your store email send to an “Email to SMS Gateway”.

wow, i’m amazed by the half-empty-glasses here…

of course it doesnt fit anyone, but so doesnt f.e. wholesale, affiliate etc.

if you read good it says: or only sms when total amount>$xx etc.

i understand this mod would be no good when you sell small/cheap items or have an

extremely good running webshop, but how bout the ones that start with

their business or sell items with larger values?

sending email-to-sms would be stupid of course: you dont want all your

business email in your phone…

(also i’m not young anymore…i wish…)

I think this is a good idea NWSCO, as I posted in the other thread this would be a good way to be notified when on the road or away on the weekend when you may not have access to email, you could have the SMS message send the customer phone# so you could call them, in addition this could be very useful to use in connection with the Helpdesk center which is in development. Since SMS messaging is instant you coud literally call the customer within minutes of receiving a helpdesk ticket, how’s that for customer service? If your away on the weekend and a customer submits a ticket you could be notified ect…the only suggsstion I could add is for those who may not want to use clickatell, all we need is an area to input our cellular carrier’s unique email address and some checkboxes of the imformations we would like to receive in the message…

To save duplicates is there an admin that can merge both of these SMS gateway threads

I have just read through the other one & whilst Im not sure it would suite me after reading the other posts could see why it would suite others.

I also agree, if you made it more flexible such as allowing entry of the preferred carrier rather than a preset one, it would get more interest.

For instance, I already have an SMS gateway set up with a good deal for pricing and would prefer to use that if I found a suitable purpose for use.

Maybe you could also add an option to the “add / edit” products to allow SMS to be turned on if that product was purchased ! or perhaps to extend that, turn on SMS based on a customers selected shipping method.

I could then see a benefit, if somebody purchased using a guaranteed next day delivery by 12pm or similar I would certainly want fast notification !

I spent a few hours thinking how I could use such a system if it was there, and I think the shipping one above would certainly be a huge benefit !

I don’t honestly know much at all about SMS, and I don’t personally see me using it for notification of orders placed … considering the volume I “hope” to pull next year and thereafter it would be a real annoyance, and I won’t have any excuses for not checking those daily or twice daily.

But I agree w/ Sno that notification of a help desk ticket could be very useful, especially if you are away for an afternoon or take an extended weekend. I am not in the office all day every day, which is why I’ve never found ‘Live Help’ viable for me … notification of a help ticket would be a great compromise allowing me to provide more responsive customer service.

It’s not a priority for me right now though … I don’t carry a cell phone daily (though do have one for emergency & travel). If I find I need it, and it has a modest cost, I’m sure I’d be willing pay for it at that time.

SWS’s priority shipping notification is a really good idea

i agree. there’s loads of possibilities for this.

but i see these suggestions as an extension from this MOD in a later stadium.

i wanted to start with this one first, as you can see here:



let’s see where we take it from there, ok? everything can be made:

it’s just a matter of time, nothing more…

this one is clickatell-specific yes, but that can be altered easily, since

i’ll put all code etc here asap.

also the priority-stuff (shipments) etc can be easily built in, but needs more stuying here first i think after this one has been tested here.

dont forget i’m doing this for free…

maybe the guys from cs-cart will pick this up once done and

therefor make sure its integrated in future versions,

especially since some suggestions require deeper integration into the cart.


how bout if i add the shipping-name or shipping-id to each sms?

its a start, right?

i added the shipping-id option (see at the bottom of screenshot).

this should do exactly as you want…4 now…

Hi nwsco…

Dont get me wrong, I think your doing a great job & of course realise its for free,

I may even be able to contribute in the future when I start using / understanding CS-Cart properly but as of yet, Im not using it atall…

instead I find myself hitting the forums a few times a day in anticipation…

Its the same with what I do, one idea can only lead to lots of possibilites and expansions, I agree that you have to have a starting point to build on and improve over time, Im actually starting to like the idea now thinking that the shipping option would come in real handy !

Its like anything… the first e-commerce systems where nothing more than placing a button on a self built html page and now look at them !

If done right, this mod would definatly be worth investing in for a lot of cs-cart users as long as the options where available to let their imagination run away with them, I personally wouldnt mind paying for something like this, it takes a lot of time, thought and experience to “cleanly” integrate a decent mod and that effort should not go un-rewarded !

very nicely put, thanks and amen sws! :wink:

i’m glad you’re happy with the shipment_id option b.t.w.

as to its the biggest provider for this worldwide,

very reliable, and an smtp-account setup takes just a few minutes.

easy as pie…

adding other providers later is always an option yes, as you

mention future expansions etc. :idea:

i also included the payment-method in the sms now.

edit: and added some options. see screenshot.

still waiting for a tester…

As you can see i also included the option to use your own

as some wish, and since it is common in the USA

to have such an email address.

If enabled, the clickatel-gateway will not be used of course…

I will release the addon soon now, in another post.