Sale Price

Anybody know if it’s possible to add a Sale Price.

For Example:

  1. Retail price: $100
  2. Our price: $90
  3. Sale price: $70
  4. You save: $30

    I already have it show in this format:

  5. Retail price: $100
  6. Our price: $90
  7. You save: $10

    I just want to include the Sale Price, so when I have a item on sale, customers/users can know that item is on sale and know they are saving from the already low price.

    Any help would be appreciated.


You can create a discount for the product under Discounts and Coupons. It allows you to configure them at the product level, category level, user or global. Only thing is I am not sure if it still shows list price when using a discount. Also it shows “discounted price” not “sale price” but this name can be changed in the languages variables discounted_price