Sale Banner

Is there a way to easily make a banner that just lists all items that are on sale?

I think this would be a great feature. By default there is things like newest, and most popular.

It would be great to easily show customers what is on sale without having to manually add products

Yes, create a Sale category and add this category to the products when you put them on sale, then remove the category when you take them off sale.

A banner can then link to the category.

The category 'SALE' will even show up on the main menu.

Hi there thanks for that, i was already doing that to get sale items into the sale category in the main menu.

I was hoping to have a block for this though that actually showed all the same items on the main page. The way you can show newest items or most popular.

I know you could create a products block called SALE and manually put items in bu this is not dynamic. I was wondering if there was a way you could add a category to the block so you never had to worry about changing what was in there. As soon as you added or removed a product from the sale category it would automatically show up.

I find that most times I get what I need by using the software as it was designed. I don't care for customization because it's too much work to install the updates, and I want the updates - I don't want to get stuck using an old version with a lot of customization that prevents updates.

Having said that, I can't help you. What you are asking for is customization so you can add a Category to a Product block that is dynamically filled with the active products in that category, probably sorted by Date ascending.

If you can find someone here who can do the work for you, make certain that most of the work can be included in the my_changes hooks, and that they don't modify too many scripts that will be broken by updates. Get a list of all scripts that will have to be resolved during updates.