Sagepay No Issue Number Meastro Cards


Is anyone else using Sagepay and getting errors with Maestro Card Payments?

The trouble is new maestro cards don’t have an issue number, and the Sagepay Mod is requiring one to proceed.

Anyone know where to take off the check for the Issue Number?

Also, Ive turned it off in the admin so that it doesnt appear in the form, but the user still gets the error message that the “Issue Number must be entered”.


Try clearing the cache, the old setting might still be active in it.


Ok, i will try his too, any other ideas?

thank you

Hi Andy

Perhaps I can help. The Issue Number Field is optional within our protocol and it wouldn’t thrown up any error messages if there was no content in that field (i.e if the card didn’t have one). As you’re using our Direct integration it is possible that the error you have is from the CS Cart module which I’m sure they can help you with. However just to be on the safe side, have a look for a 4 digit error message. if you didn’t receive one from us then it will be an issue with the module you are using.

Hope that helps to clear things up and I’m sure if you give CS Cart a call they can help you get things sorted!


im also having the same problem with the “sagepay direct” module that cs-cart comes with, because of this i have reverted back to the “sagepay form” module.

also the “sagepay direct” module in cs-cart doesn’t have an option for “visa debit or delta” cards, which we need, i have looked through the “sagepay_direct.php” file and it is not listed as a card type.

the module also cant handle some valid credit/debit card numbers. i would of thought that the validation would of been left to sagepay but looks like the default cs-cart validation of credit/debit cards come into play, can this be removed?

amy if you’ve got any ways around this please let us know.