Sagepay Form .... I Need Help !!!

Having problems getting sagepay to work? does anyone use it on here for there payment provider?

Here is a link to my problem:


Ok, thanks for the mass of answers !!


I have contacted Sagepay today and when entering your encryption password it must not be copy and pasted.

The encryption password must me entered manually and is also case sensitive.

Anyone else has this problem hope this answer helps :wink:

Are they very expensive? i can find on there homepage any conditions.

[QUOTE]Ok, thanks for the mass of answers !![/QUOTE]

Sorry, I have used SagePay (Protx) for another cart but never CS-Cart and had the same problem once.

Generally though, I find them very good to use.

[QUOTE]Are they very expensive?[/QUOTE]

£20 per month for merchants processing up to 1,000 transactions per quarter and 10p per transaction for merchants processing more than 1000 transactions per quarter.

They have other packages for higher transaction sites.

Do you have to request the encryption password? I cant find it anywhere when I log in to my Sage Pay account.

Hi , I recived my encryption number through the post as well as email, along with Vender name, username etc.

But can you guys tell me am I supposed to add my servers ip address to sagepays administrators perameters area to allow it to process from that server? CS cart connects then when i go through 3d secure it fails everytime.