Sagepay Form Callback Url

Hi, I've moved to CS-cart from a bespoke cart. I'm nearly there with the site now.

On the previous host, I have a callback script (php) which gets triggered once the payments has been made via Sagepay form.

The script basically get the order details (name/address/delivery address/ all order prodcuct codes) then places the order in a third party (drop shipping) company.

I wrote the original script myself (using the info from the third party site) and got this working.

I've set this new site up to the 'Sagepay form' setting and would like to run a script that does the same.

Now because this is a new cart to me, I could do with help where to look.

I would need to know the following:

  1. Is it possible to have a callback script from the 'Sagepay form' plugin you have?
  2. Would you be able to help where I could get the session details for a customer, so I could make this script.

    Alternatively is there anything such as a 'add on' that might simplify this.

    Thanks for any info!



Actually 'drop shipping' wasn't really the correct phrase. Its a 'mail fulfillment' company:

Anyone any ideas on this one?