Sage Pay updates 17th April 2010


Sage Pay have announced some updates taking place to there systems this Saturday, can anyone advise if we will have to do anything to our cs-carts to ensure it still all works etc:

[QUOTE]What’s happening on Saturday 17th April?

This phase of the upgrade will involve moving the Sage Pay Live Payment Gateway service across to our Disaster Recovery (DR) site, which will enable us to rebuild our live site into the much improved and upgraded system. The new hardware enables us to increase the speed and capacity of our systems and will ensure that we are able to cope with predicted demand over the coming years.

Work will start at 22:00 on Saturday 17th April 2010. The upgrade has been carefully planned to minimise disruption to you and your business and the only potential risk of downtime will be the time it takes the internet Name Servers to pick up our new IP addresses. This could be as little as a few seconds, however it may be slightly longer — unfortunately we have no control over the internet Name Servers except to suggest how often they check for new addresses.

Important technical information

We will be changing the IP Address of the following domains during this upgrade:, and – The Sage Pay Live payment gateway address, our test environment address and our website.

How does this affect me?

You will need to make some technical changes to your website if ANY of the following statements are true:

  1. You have hardcoded your IP addresses within your website/shopping cart

  2. You have cached your DNS entries

  3. You have firewall rules in place to only accept access to and from your systems from specific IP addresses

    Download technical details you need to configure your systems

    Please note: If a 3rd party is hosting or providing your shopping cart, they will need to make changes and will need to download our technical document . We will do everything we can to notify the 3rd party, however we strongly advise you to forward this email to them too.

    If you answer NO to all of the above:

    You will not need to make any changes to your website and your transactions will not be affected by the IP Address switch. Your local DNS server will automatically update with the correct IP Address


    Full Details: [URL=“,4CBU,1K4AAK,DH41,1”],4CBU,1K4AAK,DH41,1[/URL]