Sage Pay Form - No Input Fields For Card Details

Hi guys.

I've setup a new site - - and we're using Sage Pay as payment processor. The gateway is setup and working but at checkout there is no input fields/boxes for the card details. How do I solve this? Need this sorting pretty urgently. Thanks


What is the 'template' set to in the payment method you setup to use sage?

The template is locked to cc_outside.tpl. The box is greyed/locked so I can't change it.

Then you'll have to alter the DB settings for the payment method directly or have someone fix the sage payment method to use 'cc.tpl'.

Note that I've not reivewed the sage pay payment method. So I'm giving you my best guess.

There are two SagePay integrations in CS-Cart - Direct and Form. If you want to collect CC details on your website, please use Direct method

Ok so setup with Direct (Sage on the phone said to use form) - but getting this error after payment details are inputted.

Status: 3008 : The Vendor or Vendorname format is invalid. (INVALID)

According to the message, Vendor name field in the payment method settings is not filled correctly

Vendor name is correct though - as confirmed by Sage.

Please contact CS-Cart support team. Possibly current integration is outdated. Examination is required

I can't put in the Bug Tracker. Says "Cannot Start A New Issue"

My lord this is frustrating. Should take minutes to set this up, not a week :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

I can suggest you only to create new ticket in their HelpDesk

How do I get into the desk if I purchased CS Cart form ecom labs?

help desk*

And does anyone else have any other suggestions? Cos I've emailed CS Cart 3 times and they are just ignoring it. And I can't get into the help desk because I bought from a 3rd party. Also, the bug tracker wont let me add a new bug. Starting to get very frustrated haha

Again, this issue I'm having, setup with Sage Pay Direct and getting this error - Status: 3008 : The Vendor or Vendorname format is invalid. (INVALID)

Sage confirm the vendor name IS correct. So whats the issue, surely someone can help?

Suggest you contact Ecom Labs to get your helpdesk login credentials since you bought from a reseller. Then, log into helpdesk and provide them the info for them to help you.

Ecom is very responsive. I'm sure they are quite willing to help you.

Sean, did you receive e-mail from us?