Safari not letting customers go to checkout?

Hello All!

We just had a customer email us and for some reason Safari (on a Mac) is not letting individuals go to checkout? I tried on my laptop (a G4) and a PowerMac G5 and ironically, the same issue. CS-Cart acts like it is going to the checkout page and then just stays on the same page? We have the same issue when using the checkout button or the link on the left-hand side of the cart page…has anyone found this behavior and more importantly :smiley: does anyone know of a fix??? Thanks!




The problems with Safari starts even before the checkout. For instance, the options on your site are not properly grayed out in Safari although they work on Camino.

Generally, I am getting frustrated by CS-Cart’s poor support for Macs: your problem, the lack of a Live Help client for the Mac and also the lack of a Store Manager for the Mac (even though Store Manager seems to generally not work). I hope the developers are taking note of the increasing number of Mac and Safari users online.


yes!, agree and also i’m a mac user with same questions.