Run CS Cart as separate section (shop separate) to same domain

Hi Guys

I have a client who has 30 pages of existing html pages. He then wants to add a separate page that

goes to the products list and buy. This shop section I would do in CS-Cart.

Is it possible to install CS-Cart into a separate folder on the server, and not use the index page within that etc.

What I want is www.mysite/buynow/productpage.php

and the rest of the site remains as www.mysite/aboutus.html (for example)

If this is possible, how do I install the software to do that?

Thanks in advance guys!

Hi Guys

I forgot, I don't want to paste the raw html of the existing pages into a big scrolling html box within CS-Cart.

The client want to keep it as is (outside of CS-Cart)

You lose a lot of marketing benefits from keeping the pages outwith CS-Cart. No logged stats in the cart, poor split testing, no upselling, much more manual work involved, etc. Why does your client not want to integrate the existing pages into CS-Cart? There is very few reasons why not, but an endless amount of reasons why you should integrate them.

So you want the website homepage to be but the shop pages to be ?

In the root of the CS-Cart install, in config.local.php you can change the customer homepage from index.php to whatever.php, however, I don't know if you can change this to be something like “…/index.php” (ie. cart resides in .com/buynow/ but homepage of cart is .com/index.php).

However I think the majority of developers will advise your client to integrate the site in terms of best practise and the benefits of doing so. Only the crooked developers will advise otherwise - due to the time = $$$ of updating the manual pages outwith the cart for upselling.

I can imagine in some instances this method does make sense. For example, if you have a very well working wordpress blog with lots of features as homepage, and you want to add a shop.

Actually, i'm in the process of doing something similar as we speak for a brand that doesn't want to have it's shop so much up front (so they don't piss off shops that sell the brand so much)

It's no problem at all to do it like you say, just install cs-cart in a subdirectory like stellarbytes says. That's it!