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I don’t know why this feature presently not available on 2.0 + version, but i hope on next release this will be available. :slight_smile:

Me too! So I gues there is no RSS feed option.

Feature-request it then.:smile:

Isn’t this supposed to be in 2.0.9?


[quote name=‘joe’]Feature-request it then.:smile:[/QUOTE]

How do we make feature requests?

[quote name=‘Offline’]How do we make feature requests?[/QUOTE]

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Is there not any way to use the datafeed addon to create rss/xml feeds?

Or there any other option?

I want to be able to feed data into my related blog, and since almost every system out there can display a rss feed I just assumed that I could use the datafeed addon to create these feeds… you know… newest products, best sellers etc…

You can vote to have this feature added in the Ideas forum:



I would… but that uservoice thing… really urks me.

Why does it irk you? The customers are being given a chance to identify what is most important to them. The developers appear to be responsive to input from customers and this provides a much better system than the Bug Tracker afforded (not to mention it also will turn the Bug Tracker into, well, a bug tracker). So far, I think they at least deserve the benefit of the doubt. If future releases do not take the UserVoice input into consideration then I would agree that it is useless.


I agree with the idea… its just a personal issue I have with a number of these saas support addons. I am tired of having to create accounts for everything.

I do agree that the developers are taking the right approach in organizing customer feedback… I have previously used the system, but made a few votes… now I find I can not vote any more, and I haven’t yet found where I can view my voted items, so that I may reconsider my voting.

I understand the frustration with having to create a new account for everything. To their credit, CS-Cart did the right thing and implemented “Single Sign-On” so that forum members do not need to create a new account - they just need to click the “Ideas” link at the top of the forum and they will arrive already signed in.

You should be seeing a recap of your remaining votes and what you have voted for at the top of the right-hand column. You can click on the number of votes and change them as you wish.