Rss Feed To Social Media

I’ve just installed a blog inside my website ( which is running cs cart version 4.3. With my old site I had a separate blog site and when I decided to rebuild the site I thought I’d integrate the blog with the cart. So I bought the Alt-Teams ‘Blog’ Add-on. What I now want to do is to post blog posts to social media - facebook fan page, google page, twitter. I thought there’s be an add-on that would do this but there’s not - you can post products but who wants to follow a page that just got products on it.

So I looked a Hootesuite and tried to get an rss feed from the blog on the site into Hootesuite and so onto the social media. However when I entered the rss feed url from my site into Hootesuite it said it needed to be configured to show a date/time which it’s not. So I’m back to square one.

I can’t believe that what I want to do is difficult to achieve but thus far I’ve got nowhere. Any ideas / help gratefully recieved.


Well I would have gone with Wordpress for a number of reasons. It's simple job then to have your updates sent to all the social media sites and reverse.

I used to have a separate blog site but lots of traffic went there and only a small amount of it found its way to my shop - so combining the two looked like a better idea even if it does throw up some other problems.