Rotating Banners

I am new to cs-cart, so if I am missing a capability that already exists I appolgize. I certainly tried to determine if it does exist and it appears to me it does not. I put in a question about this in another category and got no reply.

I want to put in a series of banners that advertise various categories and unique products I have in my inventory. So I created some banners and added them to the banner block and the result was every banner displayed on the web page all at the same time. What I really want it to do is cycle through the available banners and show one at a time. Each time that page is displayed it would choose a different banner.

I would gladly put this in myself but I just don’t have the time to research how the application works and don’t have the money to pay someone to customize it. I tried asking for some help in identifying what modules would be affected and got no responses. So I’ll just hope enough folks will agree this is needed to get it on the future enhancement list.

i second this.

I’ve created a super cheap patch to turn the banner manager into a slideshow. Why make a banner manager that can’t handle simple images (read: ad banner) slideshows. So you create banners (using the built in addon) then on a per block basis decide on which show on which pages.

Check out the site in the sig.

Check out my last post. Problem solved.