Root to Parent Page links broken

Hi, can anyone help with this?

I altered the parent level on a selection of pages, from “root” to another of the pages within “root”, …and now we are getting “page not found” on the links to these child pages within the parent page.

We have re-set SEO, we have tried deleting the SEO name so that it is regenerated, and have run out of ideas…

Would appreciate any help.

It was caused by bug in 206.

Fixed it by replacing the following part of code in the “func.php” file located in the “addons/seo” directory of the CS-Cart installation:

$result = fn_seo_validate_parents($path, $id_path, ‘c’, true);

with this one:

$result = fn_seo_validate_parents($path, $id_path, ‘a’, true);