Rma Plugin Issues

We are using the stock RMA plugin of cs-cart. Sometimes we reject products from being returned, unfortunately we can only do this when the RMA has the status 'requested'. Is it possible to also add this option for other RMA-statuses?

I believe the RMA date starts at the time of creation of the order. This doesn't make sense, as warrantee starts after the product has been delivered. Is it possible to let it start counting after the order has been set to "completed" ?

Also, is it somehow possible to diffentiate the return and repair dates? We offer 2 year warrentee on our products and only 14 days free returns.


It is necessary to make modifications in this addon.

Best regards


Hi Robert,

none of these 3 things is possible?


RMA addon in CS-Cart is pretty basic, and it does not offer advanced settings of "period of return" or manipulation of rejecting returns after confirming them.

We can modify this add-on for you. If you're interested, please PM me with more details of those modifications.

Best regards