RMA Not Working

I knew I couldn't be the only one! I've been struggling with this since November. Thanks a TON Tim! That fixed the problem.

I've been going into the 'extra' field and editing the return_period in the order_details table when I needed to register a return, which means it required a phone call or email from the customer.

Hopefully this is fixed in the next CS-Cart update and not overwritten with the same old problem.

In the func.php located in /addons/rma

Add this:

$v['extra']['return_period'] = fn_is_returnable_product($v['product_id']);

Below this code:

function fn_get_order_returnable_products($order_items, $timestamp)
$item_returns_info = array();
foreach ((array)$order_items as $k => $v) {

Experiencing similar issues…

RMA form not visible on customer orders page side unless I change the order status to “complete”

I have checked the option “Allow return registration” also for the “shipped” status of my orders, but it does not work…RMA request form link is visible for customers only if I set the order status to “complete”…what is the sense of having the same “Allow return registration” checked for “Shipped” or any other order status if it does not work…?

anyone experiencing the same problem?