Rma - Non Registered Customers


I have a problem and I hope you guys can help.

As you know, some clinets returns their items or receive it with damage. In this case we have to refund the client.

The situation now, we edit the invoice and remove the returned or damaged item and then refund the money to the client.

This clreates a problem with my accountng team as they realise that the client has paid then refunded but there is no trace of the refunded item. We thought of a manual forms but this will not work as the orders are getting more and more. at some point this will not be the proper solution.

RMA is great solution but it doesn't work for hte non-registered clients.

Also the way it works now is annoying as we have to Act on behalf of the client and create a refund or return request then we go to the main oanel and accept that request .... it's not ideal.

I need a solution to create the Return request from the admin panel by the admin (from the same order for example) and it should work for all clients (registered and non registered).

Also to have it work as the current RMA so the accunting team when they check the invoice again, they know that this funds was returned because of this item.

If someone has the solution please share it. If it requres a special development please send me how much it will cost.

Thanks in advance.

I disabled anonymous checkout for this reason. Everyone must register an account for the sole reason that this is the only way the RMA addon functions.

Most of my customers will request their returns online, but I go thru the same issues (log in as the user) when they want to do it over the phone.

Good luck getting CS-Cart to include the RMA addon in the Admin interface of each order.

I've been using CS-Cart for 10 years, and I still don't understand how the RMA addon re-calculates an order. I don't allow it to re-calculate, because the results are NEVER correct. Thus, it takes a long time to determine how much a refund should REALLY be when you don't refund shipping charges, and coupons and Reward Points were applied to an order with 5 items and one was returned.