RMA ID. how can i make it invisible to customers

I make some tests to my shop (2.1.2) and found out the when a customer request for a replacement (RMA), he can see the rma id (e.g. #1) which start counting from 1

so the customers can actually see how many return request have been done.

is it possible to make the number (rma id) invisible to customers or make it use a random number (rand(100000,999999))

thanks in advance

You can probably change it to a larger number (which it would then not be obvious that it was an increment) by changing the auo-increment value in the database.

how can i change that number? not from admin? maybe from phpadmin?

I guess I’d ask a more fundamental question… Why are my customers returning my products at such a freqency that they see how I manage RMA numbers?

The goal of providing an RMA number to the customer is so they can reference it in communication with you or you with your supplier.

actually the past 3 years i had only 5-6 replacements total

but i already made some test orders and replacements to my shop and the RMA id is already at #8 with testing accounts. even if i erase the orders, the rma id will count from 9 and on