Rma -Configure So Vendors Can Approve Returns

I've enabled the RMA addon but am having a few issues with it. Particularly that 'Orders'>'Return Requests' is not showing in the vendors' admin. It is only showing in the store admin- see images below

Store Admin: showing:

Vendor Admin - Not showing:

So when a customer returns an item to the vendor how is the vendor able to approve the return?

We tell to cs team a lot of time, rma really bad, they never plan fix this big issue

Do you use this or a different plugin?

Not yet currently i added to some codes to my changes for permission fix, and i play little code for manage only own rma’s

Does any extension exist for this ? What did you cange teotsu?

Only Permissions for vendors to see and approve returns? or more deep changes than that

Permisson and auth vendor id, listed only logged vendors rma