Rich Snippets markup

Dear Friends,

We have added new product to our shop: Add-on for CS-Cart “Rich Snippets markup”

Add-on is compatible with CS-Cart 2.X, 3.X, 4.X

Cost is USD 79.99

You could find detailed description on the product detailed page.

Thank you.

Are there any plans to add more rich snippet details like image, description, brand, color, manufacturer, model, special offers and company details?

See: [url=“Product - Type”][/url]

[url=“Product - Type”][/url]

Your current addon screenshot shows rich snippets like image that the addon does not support: http://awesomescreen…com/03d23era19

Dear P-Pharma,

We have redirected your request to one of our developer. He will investigate possibility to develop these features. We will post news about the result in the nearest days.

Thank you.