Rewards Points For Recommending New Customers

I would like to give my existing customers reward points for recommending new visitors that place orders.

Is there an addon available at a reasonalble price for this?



Not one that we are aware of.

Are you wanting to use the existing CS-Cart points system and wanting only to provide a referral field where the referred user can input the email address of the referring user for credit?

Where does the referred user enter the referring user's details? Checkout, Registration?

What you are describing is an Affiliate Referral program that pays Reward Points for commission. CS-Cart discontinued the affiliate addon in v4 It's available in v3 but you would have to either manually update the Reward Points based upon the affiliate's earnings, or you would have to modify the script for commission payments.

It's an interesting idea: referral commission paid out in store credit.

i belive this is a today called social discount…or social invite feature… it has to be social plugin that allow the customer to send invitination to his friends and rewards him with a gift certifciate, free shipping or,.,. discount at the checkout… or something like that.,…

Jeremy-I think your idea sounds like the most direct way to get it done. There is something in place that could be used with minor adjustments. I would say that the info for the referring customer should be taken when the order is placed (at checkout). I am thinking that the points would only apply if both the referror and the referee have registered. I have to give this more consideration. I am not technically proficient eough to write script. Do you think this is a reasonable possibility?

Sounds like “eComLabs” might have something in the works for us…

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Sounds like “eComLabs” might have something in the works for us…



Thank you, CarStickersDecals

The module is on the testing phase

OK eComLabs -waiting and watching.

Hi, community

Please check ADDON: "Invite link referral system" - Page 2 - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums - Page 2