Rewards On Payouts / Withdrawals


We are investigating the CS-Cart platform as a potential candidate for a project.

I am a bit unclear on the working if the rewards when it comes to withdrawals which result in market place fees.

I noticed a vendor may request a payout/withdrawal to an amount higher than they actually have owed to them.

Once approved by the CS-Cart Administrator, the vendor then goes into the red (negative amount).


The vendor administrator then has the opportunity to settle the outstanding (negative).

The vendor pays the outstanding amount (market place fees) [money they already "owe" back]

This payment of money in arrears done by the Vendor Administrator results into the Vendor Administrator being given points for settling debt.


I am not sure whether this is a feature, if I failed to grasp the reward system, or whether I am missing a setting somewhere.


Your inputs in this matter is appreciated.