Rewards Not Calculating Properly

I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue - or have a solution.
According to my settings (after reading the documentation over and over), the reward points for an order is not calculating properly.

To explain my issue:
I have the PER set to 100.
Rewards>Points earned per product: ALL set to 100, percent (amount)

"If several reward points can be applied, is set: Maximal percentage value"

By my understanding, each $1 should equate to 100 reward points.

Instead, at checkout, it only sums up to 1 point.
Even having set the PER to 1000, it still equates to 1 point.

Set to 1, equates to 1 point.

Regardless the outcome is the same. Is this a bug/error or am I not comprehending this properly?!

Nevermind. Has been figured out and resolved elsewhere.