Reward Points Log - Reason Issue / Bug

In CS-Cart version 2.0.14, the Reward Points Log is not showing an understandable reason, when points are used. I’ve attached an image to show what’s happening.

In one case, the following was posted as a reason:


Any advice would be appreciated.



Do you have send this bug to the bug tracker or ask cs-cart support?

Just tried this in a 2.0.14 install and the message appears properly. I tested both placing orders and using points on orders and also manually adding/subtracting points. Not sure what the problem is unless maybe you changed some code.


Unfortunately, I’m still experiencing the same issue using a fresh installation of CS-Cart version 2.0.14. Non of the logic or template pages have been modified.

To clarify, the Admin area Point Log seems fine.

The User Reward points log is the problem area. I’ve run several tests, with different configurations, and am still getting the same bug.

Just looked at this again in the storefront and can confirm it is an issue. For me, it appears to only happen when points are applied to an order in checkout (This appears to be the case in your screenshot too); entries that add points display the order information in the Reason field properly. Entries created manually in the admin area also display the reason properly. This should be reported as a bug in the Bug Tracker.