Reward Points is NOT recalculated after discount coupon used

Hello, I am trying CS-cart 2.0.15 with my 60 days free trial. I am not sure if I am correct understanding the Reward program feature. But I am hoping someone can help me :slight_smile:

I’ve enabled the “Points” is recalculated taking into account discounts. But the Points earned per product is not recaluculated after applying the discount coupon.


Product A $100.00

Reward points: 10 points (Points earned per product is 10% of the product price)

If 10% off coupon is used, the cart still gives reward points based on the original price.

Product A $100.00

Points: 10

Order Discount: $10.00


Total Cost: $90.00

In this case, you should only receive 9 points (10% of $90.00)

Am I correct?