Reward Points customization for loyalty program

I’m working on a modification to the existing Reward Points addon which will:

-allow only specific items to be purchased with points

-these items may not be purchased with credit card

-cart may contain Points redemption items AND regular $ items

As I get into the code, I see this is going to be more complicated than I imagined. Has anyone already done this?



Yes I have already did these modifications, what is your site , did you get it working ?

I haven’t found a way to get this setup. I’m curious about your solution - can you share your URL?



I believe the points add-on already allows for points 1 and 3.

You would only need to mod the cart to disallow points based on payment method.

Look for where it hooks in during the checkout process, and at that point you should be able to remove the points from the cart array before they’re added.

look in addons/rewardpoints

then in check out page just comment if statment // if points used show hook ect

warning though if your showing the cart contents on checkout, user could change the quantity of the product and if page refreshes the payment method would change which can be really confusing for customers.