reward points and checkout


I configured Reward addon and Reward Points. A customer built some points. If this customer orders another one, there is no information about how to use points when checking out. Is there any specific option to show this on checkout?


I am wondering about this too.

It seems the only way to 'use' points is via the 'View Cart' page.

Is there a way to have the ability to use points on the checkout page? Otherwise they need to log in first when viewing the View Cart page OR go back to the View Cart page when they have logged in via the Checkout Page.


Users that have points can use them during checkout at step 4

We run 2.2.3 Pro and in the Payment section of checkout we have an input field to allow customers to redeem their points. It also shows the customer how many points they have in their account and how many points the order would cost in total. This is available in both the standard and one-page checkout.

hmmm sorry my bad - it wasn’t showing up before and I just checked again and it is defintiely there right near the coupon code field. Thanks for the responses. :)