Revisions: can anyone explain?

I was hoping that ‘Revisions’ would allow someone to work on their cart’s presentation without it being reflected in the store.

Cursory look shows that it is just a way to set cart contents on the side (products, categories, pages and news).

While this is valuable, I was hoping someone might tell me how to use revisions (or other mechanism) to keep a separate copy of the cart while it’s being worked on. Similar to other carts “Publish” or “Edit” functions.

I.e. I might want to experiment with the colors or layout of the cart but certainly wouldn’t want those changes to be published to the online store (customer visible) until after I completed my work. For instance, I might want to have a version of the cart that was geared to Valentine’s day. I might start my work in January and want to publish it in February. I would also want the ability to switch the look of the cart (and maybe some of the contents) back to what it was (or a different revision) on Feb 15th. How is this accomplished? Same would go for other holidays or special times like Christmas.

Is there a mechanism to do this? I’m hoping one doesn’t have to carry a completely separate source base and then merge changes from the new to the primary, especially since an Upgrade may occur which makes them quite different.

Also, related to existing “Revisions”, how global is this? I.e. if I setup a revision for products and then on a separate login do an import, is that import only applied to the revision (desired) or does it get applied to the cart products?

Would really help is someone could explain how this is intended to work and maybe give a “use case” example. Then maybe it would get some exercise in Beta.

Same goes for Workflows.

That i would like to know too, what is revisions? I found only the tranlations in the shop and in some files, but where i can found the option, settings e.g.??

From what I’ve been able to tell, it’s a way to track changes to “data”. I.e. user Joe makes a change to the pricing of ABC-123 and makes it a revision. The store can then be configured to use the revision or not.

But as usual, the lack of documentation on usage (or even intent) prevents a feature from being used because no one understands what its purpose is.

This is the description from the original User Manual for 2.0:

[QUOTE]Using the Revisions feature you have the ability to keep track of the changes you make to categories, products, pages and news. To enable the feature you need to activate revisions in Administration->Settings->General.[/QUOTE]

It allows you to stage updates and then publish them as a group. It also allows you to review the changes made. It works in conjunction with Workflow which is described as:

[QUOTE]Workflow is a feature allowing to control a work process, namely to control editing of categories, products, pages and news. If a work is done by a group of people, you can create an algorithm of the work process, you define who will edit an object, who will approve and who will publish the changes. Note that customers will see these changes only after their publishing.[/QUOTE]

Hope this helps a little.