Return Url After Login

For some reason the return URL after login is set to a category with filters. I dont even know how it got there, anyway, is there a way I can edit the return URL?


I think this might be a bug. We are encountering this also. Try this. Turn off rebuild cache automatically and let me know if it works then. If so, we need to report it as a bug.

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Probably you’re using version which had this issue wirt login and cache. Browse the bugtracker for solution or update


I found this in the bug tracker,

We are on 4.3.4, it looks like it was fixed in 4.3.5

Since we have made significant changes to our 4.3.4 architecture, we can not upgrade, but I have made the appropriate changes to correct the bug.

Hopefully this fixes Fedor's problem also.

Thanks for info, however in the file provided in bug tracker: app/addons/hybrid_auth/schemas/block_manager/

There are no lines like that:
'cache' => array(
    'disable_cache_when' => array(
        'auth_handlers' => array(
            'user_id' => array('gt', 0)
and replace them with the following:
'cache' => false

Any clues why?

My files contains:

/*$schema['my_account']['cache']['update_handlers'][] = 'hybrid_auth_providers';*/ which I commented as per the first instruction in bug tracker

$schema[‘my_account’][‘content’][‘providers_list’] = array (
‘type’ => ‘function’,
‘function’ => array(‘fn_hybrid_auth_get_providers_list_content’),

return $schema;

Im on 4.3.2 btw

Yes, it is a typo in there bug report. The second file is


Thanks a lot Triplets. This has indeed fixed the issue :)