Restricting shopfront button visibility

In multi-vendor ultimate you can have many storefronts, whilst many use this to set-up different geographic areas I use it to sell completely different sets of un-related products. As a consequence I only want vendors to see the storefront buttons in their vendor panel for storefronts included in their plan.

Does anyone have a solution for this please?

Doesn’t it work like that by default? I just checked, and if vendor has access to only one storefront out of two, he does not see the buttons to switch to the unavailable storefront.
Can you show your vendor panel and storefront configuration?

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DOH! Must be because I have gone in with my admin profile, thanks.

On playing it seems to be that if the other storefronts aren’t restricted then they show up in the vendor panel i.e. the storefronts will show unless they are restricted to a plan. Also you can over-ride the plan behaviour in the storefront admin screen.

Storefront A
Storefront B
Storefront C

Plan 1 - includes Storefront A
Plan 2 - includes Storefront B

Storefront C will show on both Plan 1 & Plan 2 UNLESS
a) you explicitly add it to Plan 1 or Plan 2, then it will only show on that plan, OR
b) you add the vendor to the Storefront C in the storefront screen.