Restricting categories and products by membership

There is a change to the way availability work for categories and products.

Previously, you could only choose between ‘All’ memberships or a specific membership. You can now specify whether a category or product is available to ‘All’, ‘Guest’ ‘Registered’ or multiple specific user groups. For instance, if you have user groups of Bronze, Gold and Platinum (plus Guest), you can now specify that a product is only available to Gold and Platinum users. Likewise, you can also specify that a product is only available to multiple different wholesale users.


Edit: This also works for shipping methods, payment methods and pages. Now they need to extend this to newsletters and blocks.

Nice idea and it’s better that we can sell membership directly in a more user-friendly way!

One option for selling memberships is to use Promotions. You can create a cart promotion with the condition being the membership product(s) and the bonus being ‘Give membership’.

I am not sure his is the best way to handle memberships (especially if memberships have a duration) but it is workable.