Restrict Shipping

I just need to 2 thing right now with shipping and Payments right now:

I need to make sure that shipping is restricted to only Continental 48 States. No International shipping.

Make sure that the system does not process Credit Cards form outside the USA. Cost is higher and its hard to verify.

Hope someone can help.


First thing is to remove any non-US shipping locations.

Head to “Shipping/Taxes”->“Locations” and remove any non-US locations. This will prevent and shipping outside the US (because there’s no shipping method available). If the user can’t select shipping, they can’t finish checkout.

That said, if the customer lies and uses overseas credit card information, it won’t match their address and the credit card will be rejected. So if they use their correct address, no shipping and no checkout. If they lie, then the card is rejected.

Hope that helps.