Restrict shipping options based on order value.

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I looked all over in the manual and forums and, unless I am blind, I can’t find this answer. Is there a way we can limit the shipping options based on the order value? Here is an example, we offer USPS International shipping for small value items (less than $150usd) that are under 2 lbs, however some of our products weigh under 2 pounds and greatly exceed the $150 price point. When this is the case we would like to disable USPS International as an option, and only offer FedEx. FedEx is all ready setup, but when people see that cheap USPS option they always select it, even though is says for low value items only. For now we have just lowered the weigh limit for USPS Intl. but then we get complaints about low value orders costing too much to ship internationally. Does that all make sense, and are there any work arounds?

CS Cart Professional 2.1.3

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You would require custom modification that would look at the product values/weights during the realtime quote process and zap those shipping methods per your definition.

Depending on the configurablity you might require, you might need to add additional fields to a product’s definition to identify a product as exempt from a specific shipping method if you don’t want to use a calculated rule based on price, manufacturer or other existing criteria.