Restrict Shipping Address Per Localisation

I couldn’t find this topic in the forum which surprises me and apologies if I didn’t look properly.

I use v.4.1.5

I have different localisations with different base pricing. i.e. base pricing is different depending on country being shipped to.

The problem is I recently had a customer who selected a localisation / country with low base pricing who then entered a shipping address for another country.

How do I restrict the shipping address to just the country of the localisation selected? Is this not possible out of the box or will I have to do custom coding?


may be this

Thanks John for finding that pluggin.

It does offer one way to solve the problem but it's not what I was looking for.

I quite simply want to restrict them from being able to enter a different country to the portal they entered through (localisation). So if they selected UK portal (localisation) at the start which displays UK product list and pricing, when they checkout, the UK should be in the country field for shipping address and it should not be changeable. Ideally there should be a button there for users who accidently chose wrong localisation and need to start again.

So am I to assume this does not exist out of the box? So either there is a pluggin that exists or I have to have it developed?