Restrict payment method available to vendor


I have cs-cart multivendor.

I’m looking for an add-on that restricts the payment methods available to a particular vendor, e.g. the ability to select if phone ordering is available for that vendor by ticking (or not) the desired methods on a seperate tab of the vendor menu (similar to the shipping method functionality).

I have found similar add-ons e.g. one by @cart-power but it doesn’t have that specific option.

Hello, chickentwisty!

There is a possibility to restrict both Marketplace payment methods and vendor’s own payment methods for a certain vendor.

Please clarify what exact fuctionality our add-on is missing. We can also modify it for you if needed if you don’t find a ready solution, for this please copy your request on

Best regards,
Cart Power

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Ta, that was what I was looking for, I missed it in the documentation (and wouldn’t have been able to read the russiona text). Thanks again I will look into it.