Restoring Session

Hi all,

Wondering if there is a simple way via the url where you can restore a users session based on a session id.

My store is sending out a number of remarketing emails to customers who have products in their cart but have not checked out. We are using infusionsoft and the whole process is working as expected.

Except in the emails, rather than giving a generic link back to the my website, I would like to include the customers email address as a GET variable. The email address variable is then handled by a customer controller to look through any stored sessions that use this email address and attempt to restore the session by redirecting back to the site with the correct session id from the database. Maybe this is not possible as it could be a security issue?

Any thoughts on this - I was hoping CS-CART would have a built in method for restoring sessions.

Of course a generic link in the remarketing emails would work, but it would only work they they browse back to the site on they computer they abandoned their shopping cart from. And we use so many different computers these days (computers at work, home, mobile…) it would be nice to reload their shopping cart for them.

Any ideas? Cheers…

If their ip and “user agent” (browser) are the same and they return within 2 weeks of last visit, session should be restored.

ok, but that is not always going to be the case… its likely, but I don't want my customers to arrive back at my site and have an empty cart. Do you know of any other solutions?

No it's not. But that is the ONLY secure way to preserve someone's context over time. If they have an account, then their prior cart will be restored upon login. But for anon users, it's a function of a valid session.