Rest Api Order.products Documentation Accuracy

I noticed when inspecting the json returned from order details the array of products doesn’t conform with the documentation here (

Theres an “extra” element that’s not documented.

Also its missing required elements of category_id and main_category.

Is there some documentation explaining these differences?

Also how do I get privileges to post to the developer section of the forum?

Going to be tough to define the extra container. That can be used by most anyone to store data related to that product in the cart/order. It's not used anywhere in the UI and is mostly used internally (like option info). I think they only return it because a developer might have built a dependency in there they want to capture externally (like a personalization, possible shipping restrictions/requirements, etc.). You certainly shouldn't rely on anything in that container unless you put it there on the other end.

Whats more concerning to me is that it doesn't conform with the documented "product" definition. I'd prefer to not have to write a two custom consumer classes.

Also the API 2 doesn't seem to work as documented :-/ kind of a mess

documented "product" definition

Not sure what this is or where the reference is coming from. It simply contains 'extra' product data that may have been used in the cart or checkout. As an addon developer, sometimes it's used to store other product information not represented in the UI but might be used in calculation.