Rest Api Integration With Cs-Cart

Dear Valued Members,

We want to integrate LEXSHIP with CS-Cart for the seamless operation of shipping of products by our Indian sellers to Australia customers directly via LEXSHIP.

The LEXSHIP has provided with the REST API for integration with CS-Cart which I attach below for your attention and review.
We had a chat with our web developer who, after going through the REST API document provided by LEXSHIP, told us that the integration of LEXSHIP REST API with CS-Cart is very lengthy and cumbersome process. Further, he suggested that it would take at least 2 months to do that integration.
We also spoke with LEXSHIP that LEXSHIP told us that once their REST API integrated with CS-Cart and the shipping of products to our Australian customers will be seamless and smooth which we are looking for.
We look froward to your valued inputs with respect to integration of LEXSHIP REST API with CS-Cart.

LEXSHIP API Documentation v1.0-1.pdf

This is only a tenth of the information you need to integrate this API. We have integrated with SendCloud before, so adjusting that to work for LEXSHIP should not be too much of a hassle.