Resize vendor logo on product page

Good day

the vendor logos are a bit too big. Could you guide us in terms of how we could resize the display of the logo?

Thank you!

Go to the theme editor and put this code in the custom css (this option is available from drop down menu on the left sidebar when the theme editor is active)

.ty-product-detail .ty-logo-container__image {
width: 50px; /* Set the width to the desired size /
height: auto; /
Set the height to auto to maintain aspect ratio */


  1. If you have custom themes this should still work, but may not if they have used custom classes.
  2. Will change on all pages (to change just on product page is more involved)
  3. If using a responsive theme you can still expect some scaling
  4. To change output for different size screens you can control this within the @media settings. {}

Test on your development site first :slight_smile: