Reset Seo Names ?

Are there anyway to tell cscart to forget all past seo names and regenerate

all the seo names again for all my categories …

I notice that i have categories now that are getting the numbers 01-02-03

added to the category name even though i only have one cat called that name …

its happening because i used to have alot of duplicate cats and subcats …

i have scaled way down now and it seems that cs-cart has a cach somewhere

and remembers the last name it used …

any ideas ?

If you have a lot of categories, the easiest way is to remove the SEO names in the database. Make a backup of the cscart_seo_names table.

Use the following command in your SQL tool (phpMyAdmin):

UPDATE cscart_seo_names SET name="" WHERE type="c";

New SEO names will be generated from the category names when you visit


It doesn’t appear that we are able to run queries from admin anymore so you will have to run this on the server:

UPDATE `cscart_seo_names` SET `name` = '' ;

Edit: LOL Of course Bob beat me to it.

Ok, I have something a little different.

I get a pricelist from my supplier once or twice a week. This list has the product code and cost. I use excel and put in my price and then import this into my cart. When I do this it updates the products just fine, but sometimes there are new products.

When the new products are added the SEO doesn’t work right. What I end up with is something like:


This isn’t related to the product code or anything. Plus I don’t even have this many products so I don’t know why the cart produces this for the SEO name.

When I remove this SEO name and save the product the right name is generated, but I was wondering if there is a faster way of doing this? I tried the method above, but that didn’t do it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you,


Bobs will only delete categories whereas mine will delete all SEO names.

That darn Bob, always half assing things.

No thanks to both of you guys. Tool Outfiters did the job I needed, but Bob did answer the question correctly.

By the way, I noticed that the SEO names aren’t generated until the product is viewed for the first time. Is this correct? If it is correct than how can I speed this up instead of having to view all of my products? If I am wrong than can someone please explain this?

Thank you again,


I don’t know how long it takes but it will eventually fill in on it’s own. At least it does in 1.3.5. I don’t think it’s that important because the page will still be referred to the SEO name.