Reseller payment gateways and merchant accounts

Are any of you accepting payments for your customer’s in the way that multivendor is set up to? I’m finding that US banks don’t like this setup. Multiple gateways have told me that each vendor needs their own account. That being said I would like to hear about gateways and merchants that don’t have that policy, or gateways and merchant providers that offer a resellers program whom are already integrated with CScart.



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Are any of you accepting payments for your customer's in the way that multivendor is set up to? I'm finding that US banks don't like this setup. Multiple gateways have told me that each vendor needs their own account. That being said I would like to hear about gateways and merchants that don't have that policy, or gateways and merchant providers that offer a resellers program whom are already integrated with CScart.




Hi John…I am calling around to different companies now and running into the same problem. We are considering changing to an etsy or ebay system where the customer pays the seller direct. That way it is no longer an issue. Is this something you would be interested in as well?

Does anyone know if this modification is already being done? We would be interested in sharing the costs of development.

Ann Marie

I am still discussing it with them but this IS what I am going to do. Once I am clear what can be done I will let you know. Please post your requirements here for future reference. I might be willing to share the costs. Maybe we can get more for the dollar but I'm not sure how they feel about it regarding licensing. I will ask them.


I think the solution to this is: Paypal Adaptive payment module. Currently, the CS Cart MV Edition does not have this module but we can order one through CS cart team, and we can share the cost if they allow us to do this. Please let me know we can with CS cart team.


Yes, we are in final spec phase. Please pm your email and I will update you.

Actually, I think I'm just going to post my info here and you guys can get a hold of me. Leave a voice mail if I don't answer. I'll call you right back. 417-773-7900 or I am in spec phase with CScart now. We are adding the standard payout system to MV. Meaning, that all payment options that Pro supports will be available to configure independently for each vendor. I am also having them split the payments at checkout to each configured merchant account and my percentage goes into the store admin's merchant account. If a vendor doesn't have one configured it hides the price for that product and flags the vendor in their admin of such. Also, they are putting the details of my commission per order on a dynamically created order so I can import that to accounting software. For all of this it's $1350 not including the MV license. I also asked for the ability to have a different percentage or flat rate per vendor but I dropped it for now. It was going to be $500. If you're interested let me know. Maybe you can help share the cost. I already asked CS if they minded sharing development cost and it's fine as long as the copyright stays in place, they are notified of who is getting it, and it is not resold. I'm supposed to be hearing from them anytime to approve the final spec. I have talked to one lady who is interested. If we can get enough people involved it could be cheap for everyone. Let me know. Either way I'm doing it. If you want only part of it maybe you can help on the cost for that part. If you want a say you better hurry - things are moving forward. The project is estimated to start in 3 weeks and finish in 20 days.

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I wanted to comment on PayPal's Adaptive Payment solution. What CS is doing for me is not that. I haven't really investigated it but I like more the ability to support all of CS' current payment options. PayPal being one. We are doing the same thing but using what Pro has built in already. I think it's more diversified this way. Especially considering you can then resell for multiple merchant account companies.

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May I know what is to be customize? Is that only each vendor have their own payment system just like Php Mall 2.0?

How about invoice and other things which related if vendor allow to handle their payment?

CS should make it default feature for MV. You hardly get merchant account or payment gateway for MV.

We are still discussing it. I will post our specification when it is final.

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We are still discussing it. I will post our specification when it is final.


How are things going? Will this be an addon for CS? If not, how many are interested in sharing the cost of this development?


Sorry for taking so long to reply on this. I have paid them and they are writing the modifications over the following weeks. It will be written as an add-on with the following features. I am willing to offer it for less to recoup some of the expense. Make me an offer. Please contact me at or 417-773-7900 and leave a message and I will return your call. You will still need to purchase your own MV license of course. I am doing more later but these are the basics I needed to get started. At the moment I've talked to a few people but no one has committed to it. That may be because the spec wasn't final. It all there just as CSCart sent it to me.

The “Customized Multivendor solution” project:

  1. We will develop a custom modification for CS-Cart Multivendor version 2.2.4 according to the below requirements:

    1.1 Vendors will be able to set up their own payment methods.

    1.2 If there are products of different vendors in the shopping cart, the order will be split into per-vendor orders.

    1.2.1 The commission percentage will apply on the subtotal of the order (not including promotions, taxes and other charges or price modifiers).

    1.3 Products of vendors, which don't have their own payment method, will have the “Add to cart” button hidden.

    1.4 Administrator will be able to create the “Monthly subscription product”: vendors will be required to purchase this product to pay their monthly membership commission.

    1.5 Vendors accounts with expired membership will be blocked automatically.

    1.6 Administrator will be able to set the “Free membership” flag on particular vendor accounts. Such accounts will not be blocked as described in section #1.5.

    1.7 Vendors will be able to set up their own taxes.

    1.7.1 Vendor's taxes will be included into the product price.

    1.7.2 Vendor's taxes will be displayed on detailed product pages.
  2. We will develop this modification for the CS-Cart's “Basic” skins with the use of CS-Cart's standard styles and microformats.
  3. The modification is meant to be installed on a single domain only.
  4. We will prepare the customization package and upload it to your File Area. Also we will prepare the instructions which will help you install this modification on your server.
  5. The modification will be carried out according to the Development Services Agreement (
  6. While developing this modification we will do only what is described above.
  7. All additions and changes of this modification will require some extra payments.
  8. We do not guarantee that there will not be any errors during the future upgrades. However, we will do our best minimize probability of upgrade conflicts.
  9. Project budget: USD 3275.
  10. Project timeframe:

    10.1 Project starts within 3 weeks after the invoice is paid.

    10.2 Project ends within 10 business days after the date of the project start (see #10.1).
  11. This project will correctly work in Internet Explorer 8 (for Windows OS), Internet Explorer 9 (for Windows OS),

    FireFox 4 (for Linux and Windows OS), Safari 4 (for Mac OS) and Chrome 12 (for Windows OS) browsers.
  1. The modification is meant to be installed on a single domain only.

    So there are no sharing developed cost?

They said it was fine to share development costs. You still need a MV license so they will still gain a new customer. This is the exact question and answer in my discussion with them.


Before we go further I need to ask you something. There are a couple of people expressing interest in sharing the development costs of this and getting a license? Is this possible? Could your team facilitate this in some way where they pay you for the license and their part of the development fee?


Their answer:


Yes, you can pass the modification to your partners on your own terms. However please note that the modification will keep CS-Cart's copyright, and you will be required to inform us in case the modification is provided to a 3rd party, you won't be able to modify and sell the modification without our permission. But of course you can either team up with your partners to share expenses or give the modification to them for free.


To clarify, they won't take part in handling payments. We have to do that for ourselves.

Note also that usually they will only support the custom work on the original domain that the work was purchased for. So for instance if you share the cost with 10 others and 9 of them have a problem that can't be reproduced on your site, they might be out of luck.

Yes, I am assuming changes/fixes would require payments like any other custom project. That is part of the deal when modifying their code base.

Oops, I must have not stated what I was trying to say clearly.

What I was trying to say is that they will probably support your site with fixes for the warranty period but the others who go in with you will be on their own to synchronize with you. Generally, they contract for one domain and that's the focus of support. I.e. the contract is between you and cs-cart and what you do with it outside of that is up to you but would probably NOT be supported by cs-cart without the other domain contracting with them to do so…

So if (like I said above) one of your co-supporters experiences a problem that can't be duplicated/fixed on your domain, then they may either not support it at all or charge for it even if it's within the warranty period.

But you can work this out with cs-cart. I was just trying to bring up a potential issue when a group of people go together to purchase, but it's really only the originator who has contractual authority.

Just bought the software and saw this forum post. Anyone figured out since the last post how to go about distributing payments between merchants? Seriously no credit card processor wants to work with a multi vendor site? That is so weird.

Also, anyone had that solution by cs-cart working properly? Is it up?

I just got the software and kinda confused about what is available and how to set it up… so any help would be appreciated! :confused:

There is now a demo to review. Everything is done in the above spec except the payment system they are still working on.

Please follow the links below to review the demo:



Username: customer

Password: customer

Administrator's panel:


Username: admin

Password: admin

Vendor's panel:


Username: vendor

Password: vendor

Alternate username: vendor2

Alternate password: vendor2


we are in the process of purchasing the multivendor edition. Can someone please explain this option to me in detail:

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]1.2 If there are products of different vendors in the shopping cart, the order will be split into per-vendor orders.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Does this mean if the buyer chooses 2 different products from 2 different vendors, the buyer has to complete the payment per vendor or will it still be one payment?[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]How far away is this plugin? What is needed from our side to get this plugin / custom dev files?[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Thanks[/font][/color]