Resell cs-cart license

Is reselling my cs-cart license against cs-cart policy?

Reason I ask, is because I would like to just resell it for 99$

I have never used this live or installed it on any host, If someone is wondering why? It’s simple this,

I thought my family wanted an online business that would grow but, Instead they blew all there assest’s on other project’s depleting our funds; and with the new policy changes their is no future to be made from this.

If anyone is interested let me know.

You should contact support about this.

If you can, then I would be interested in buying…

If you are realy interested please email me at so we can talk better.


Bump Offer still stands.

I have a license to sell for $100 too.

I contacted support, and all they ask is to inform them of who will be purchaser and they will be happy to transfer it to them for the seller.


Side Note:

What’s up ETInteractive? Long time no post exchange, lol

Can they transfer before you accept payment.

Or escrow?

I do not think they will go that far with dealing with things, but they will do the transfer.

I suppose if you made the purchase, and you had actual proof that you DID purchase the license and the request for transfer was not submitted, they would contact the selling party to clear issues up.

Nothing as far as escrow though, they are not in that business.

I worry about how credible the purchaser is myself…

Is it a stolen card, bogus card, will it be contested, etc etc.

So both parties have to take a leap of faith, as it is not a one sided deal here, lol.



[quote name=‘ressha0d’]*SOLD


DITTO License is to be transferred to new owner…