Required Products Add-on question.

I am trying to utilize the Required Products function of CS-Cart and am having difficulties.

When I set this up and I go to Store/Customer view then add more than one product that has Required Product it only adds quantity 1 of the required product.

I need the behavior of Required Products to add an equal quantity of product to Required Product.

Example1: Qty 2 of PRODUCT A adds Qty 2 of Required Product.


Example2: Qty1 of PODUCT A and Qty1 of PRODUCT B that share the same Required Product will add Qty2 of Required Product.

Not only does Required Product need to be dependent on the products existence in the cart but also the quantities of the products themselves.

Has anyone else modified this to work for them? Any ideas?

So explain how you envision this working on the admin end.

We have some products that are rebuilt/remanufactured and those products we use the old part to remake a new part. So we need to charge a fee we call a CORE FEE. This needs to be treated as a seperate item in the store so when we recieve the CORE back from the customer we can refund them this core only. The core fee is like a deposit that the customer gets returned to them when we receive the reusable OLD part back. (Similar to an alluminum can DEPOSIT when you buy it in some states they charge you 5 or 10 cents and when you turn in this DEPOSIT you get the 5 or 10 cents back for the can)

The best way to think of this is similar to the automotive industry. If your Starter or Alternator on your Auto goes bad and you go to the Auto Parts Store to buy one you have TWO options A) buy A NEW PART or B) buy A REBUILT PART. Usually the REBUILT part is less expensive than the new because the manufacturer reuses the metal castings of the part and simply repairs the OLD PART by putting new components inside.

Because of this the manufacturer requires the OLD CORE back so they can rebuilt another one for another customer. In the Auto Parts industry when you buy a rebuilt part to change it out at home or a shop they want a deposit (CORE FEE) to hold onto giving the customer incentive to return their old part once it has been removed and replaced.

The reason it needs to be handled as a separate item in the system is so we don’t have to perform partial returns in the system and have this mess up our inventory levels.

A good example of what I am looking for can be found here:

To see this functionality on Advance Auto Parts shop site simply click YOUR VEHICLE at the top. Select from the Drop Downs these Options: YEAR = 1990; MAKE = DODGE; MODEL = B150; ENGINE = 5.2L 318CI V8… Now click (In Red directly below the drop downs.

Now hover over the REPLACEMENT PARTS tab and select STARTERS from the list. You should see that is shows Two items (Remy New Starter and Worldwide Starter) The Remy is a NEW starter and the Worldwide is the REMANUFACTURED.

If you look above the Add to Cart buttons for both you will see that they both have a Core Charge (CORE FEE) one for 10 and the other for 20. If you click the ? a pop up explains the Charge. If you click Add to Cart then in the shopping cart you see it shows the price of the starter then to the right is shows the total including the Core Charge.

This system at ADVANCE AUTO is much more sophisticated than we need but it shows the concept. If the shopping cart could simply show the CORE FEE as a separate line item/product that a customer cannot remove if they are buying an item that requires a CORE FEE that would work. Also there would need to be a CORE FEE for each item that is REBUILT.

I would want to also be able to control how many $$$ the CORE FEE is based on the product the customer adds to cart. Not all CORE FEEs are alike some CORES have more value than others and I would need to charge appropriately.

The Required Product function of CS-Cart appeared to be what we needed however it only just requires that that product exsist in the cart and doesn’t care about the quantity.

I don’t know if the Required Part Add-on can be modified or if it would make sense to just have a whole new add-on.

Thoughts? Questions? Thanks.

This is an interesting idea. I’ll have to take a look into it.