Required Product Options?

I'm using global options with a select box with a few variants that are required by the user to select before adding to the cart. The problem is the cart uses the first option to fill in the select box. So if the users doesn't make a selection, they are still able to add the product to the cart. Which kind of makes the whole *Required Field totally pointless, because the product option could be wrong when the product ships. Any ideas on how to make it blank aside from using jquery to inject a blank option on all select boxes?

Options type on product edit page, you can set it to “Sequential”.

Thanks for the reply. This isn't going to work for me, since it locks all of the options down and forces the user to make a choice on all options even if they are not required. I tried using jquery to add a blank option at the start of the select menu. Which worked great. The cart used its javascript validation and flagged the empty fields.

The problem is once you make a selection, there is a script that runs to update the product price based on the value of the selection resets all the fields back to the default. Does anyone know how I can modify that script? or what it is called at least?