Require Product Option

Is there anyway to force customers to choose an option?

For example: product A comes in green, blue and red. By default whichever option is set to the lowest number appears in your drop down, and will be selected if a customer does not make a different selection.

We need to have the initial value be something to the effect of “Choose Color”.

If a customer tries adding it to the cart without selecting a color, a message should be displayed “Please choose a color before adding product to your cart”.


If you add it as select box or a radio button array, it will always select the first choice when added to the cart (if options are untouched).

Thanks for the response TexasGuy,

That is the problem we are trying to overcome.

We do not want it to select the first choice. We want to make the customer pick one of the options, rather than just defaulting to the first option.

Some products have a picture of the item in the color blue, but the first option may be red. If a customer is not paying attention to the options when they checkout, they receive the item in red and then complain that they wanted it in blue.

The first option needs to just be a line of text saying “choose color” and that part is simple. However, if a customer does not make a selection, then a warning should be displayed (something like a required field in an online form). As it is, it will just add the item to the cart with “Select Color” chosen as the color choice option.

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One way would be to put in regex for (blue|red) and have them type it in into a text box. I think it would be easy to configure if you are ok with such input.

There is a mod on here for this , cant remember where at the mo but it is defo on here. Im not sure if it was by triplex or not.

Will look and let u know, but just going out



Try this

took some findin, especially after a few buds?