Requin Creative Groups Latest Projects

Good Morning,

We are always willing to look into custom coding projects.

Here are some of the custom projects, we've recently completed for clients:

M.A.P. (Minimum Advertised Pricing) addon Custom addon for online retailer who was bound by vendor agreement and restricted from displaying his sales price if it was below the M.A.P. price. Customized messages and overrides for product and category pages. Upgrade independent.

Product Keys for Digital Products addon - Custom addon allowing the store owner to enable and input product keys into a pool and have keys assigned to each product purchased. Integratin with inventory control checks to ensure that the number of available products never exceeds the number of available keys. Settings to control output of keys (checkout pop-up, order details, order invoice). Integration of Alertify.js for clean, html enabled pop-ups.

Orders Extension addon - Customer required custom order fields that could be easily updated through the Admin Orders Detail Pages and reflected through Orders, Invoices.