Requests (http/https request) - Not functioning


My logs show only this in the http/https request responses:

Requests (http/https request) [COLOR=“Red”]_0: [/COLOR]

Last week when we went live we were getting data in the response area now all we get is the _0

The other major issue is we are now not getting a response from PayPal to change the transaction to Completed and we are now not getting a PayPal Transaction ID code in our orders.

I have check all settings. PayPal Standard is set up as follows:

IPN - Off

Return URL - Blank

Auto Return - Off

Data Transfer - Off

We are using SSL for all areas of our site.

Any advise re why this is happening would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

CS-Cart 2.0.12


Now I am getting a number of FAILED replies to the cart even when PayPal has received the funds from my customer. This is worse than no reply at all.

My Customers are not too happy to be told they have a FAILED order when they have Paid!

I hope all of this is because of PayPal Standard.

I am about to move to PayFlow Pro with my own Canadian Merchant account.

Advice would still be appreciated as why this is not working is driving me crazy!



Expert advise would be appreicated.


Grant :smiley:

Well I had the same problem, in my case it’s because I didn’t have “cURL” enabled on my server. Apparently Paypal needs this.

If you are not also the manager of your server, you will need to ask them to enable this. If you are, search for some articles on installing cURL. Be careful not to update your php version past 5.2.x . I wouldn’t exactly recommend you change these things unless you are familiar with servers or if you can have someone else do it for you.

If this is not the case for you then disregard. I didn’t know until I went to add PayPal again as an option, and under “configuration” it said my server did not support cURL.